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    Thanks for stopping by my photography blog-site. At this time, I am no longer taking on any new clients. I just got so busy with the rest of my life as a wife, mom, veterinary technician, and iron-girl in training. :-)

    Have a great day!

Family Portrait Session at the S Family Farm in Hamilton: Ann Kearns Photography

Is it really December already?

Well, I hope you all had a lovely fall! We did. Busy, Busy, Busy, as usual…as we all are. It seems I have 3 little athletes on my hands and we have been living at the pool, lately. My middle daughter was, briefly, in a competitive dance company, but it seems three hours straight of dance on a Saturday (including ballet…which she just hates), along with another hour during the week, proved to be too much for her. So, she left the dance team and headed back to the pool with her two sisters. The oldest is now competing with her squad against other area teams, and the baby-one (who, at 4…almost 5…isn’t much of a baby anymore) also swims once a week. Maybe all the chlorine has gotten to us, because the hubs and I have also been hitting the pool! I just swam today. I kind of suck, but I’m getting better. No flip turns or anything, yet, but at least I’m starting to get my breathing figured out. I find it’s much easier to exercise (i.e. swim) if you can also manage to breathe once in awhile.

There’s a little tip for all you kids out there.;-)

I think I need some new googles, though. The ones I have now are the super big ones (think welding), which I thought were a good idea because they wouldn’t leave me with racoon eyes after my swim…as it is now, I’m left with what looks like a labotomy scar across my forehead that stays there for, literally, hours after I swim. I’d post a photo of it for you to see, but these are much cuter…

I have a few photos to share from this past fall and I’ll try to get to that soon…you know…between all the laps.;-)

For now, here are a few of my favourites of this wonderful family along with the two funny sisters, and their much-loved aunt, hamming it up for the camera with their pretend glasses. So. Cute.

You know I’m a sucker for kids (and dogs, and rabbits, and…just about anything) in glasses.


Thanks so much S Family for having me out to your beautiful farm to photograph your family this fall.

Special Fall Minis Announced: Ann Kearns {Hamilton Family and Pet Photographer}

I already announced this special on my Facebook page a few days ago, but in case you missed it here it is: Fall Mini Photo Sessions are being held now! Each session is 30 minutes long (enough time for a beautiful family portrait and even a couple portraits of the kids, or furkids!) and includes 6 digital images, along with print release, and a super cool Facebook Timeline Cover to show off some of those photos to your friends and family! You are not too late, there are still sessions available, but time is limited. This special will run until the end of October, 2013, only…so please contact me as soon as possible to book your session and save your spot! You can reach me by using my “Contact” form right here on the blog, or email me at info (at) annkearns (dot) com, or you can give me a call at 905-870-3286.

These mini sessions come at a great time (and a fantastic price!) to get ready for this season’s holiday cards which you can purchase directly through me, or feel free to use your digital images to have your cards made up anywhere you like! Didn’t you say last year that you were going to get on the ball with your Christmas Cards this year? I know I did! Well, now is the time! Feel free to jazz your session up by bringing along some props! Santa hats, scarves and mittens, a few gift boxes all wrapped up and pretty. That could be so cute for your cards! Or, simply use this amazing special and beautiful time of year to finally get that gorgeous family photo you have been wanting. Or a few amazing shots of your favourite pet! Normally I wouldn’t run a session in the fall since everyone wants photos in amongst the gorgeous backgrounds of our local Hamilton, Ontario, parks at this time of year, anyway, but because of the little hiatus I took this summer to be with my girls I wanted to both say, “Thank-you!!” for sticking with me and waiting for me to get back, and to get busy again! So, I thought this great deal might do the trick! Keep in mind, my digital images normally sell for $150. So, this really is a great, great, deal. You can print as many of your images as you want, in whatever sizes you want…put them into scrapbooks, share them online, turn them into cards, or even use them as gifts for the Grandparents. All for $99!

So, I can’t wait to hear from you and set up a time for your fall photo session.
Thanks everyone!

It Came.

So, ya, Thursday happened.

We got up. Had breakfast. Made lunches. Got all dressed and ready. Did hair. Packed back-packs. Got shoes on. Then we took my little, tiny, baby girl to the bus stop with her two big sisters and she got. on. the bus.

I took lots of photos, of course, and kissed her good-bye and told her to have a great day and that I love her.

And the bus pulled away.

I waved at the bus as it drove out of sight and then, bam, instant tears.

Ugh. This Mommy stuff is hard.

*a super big Thank-You to my wonderful hubby for capturing this iPhone photo of me with my little Coco-Puff just before she got on the bus. This was taken totally unbeknownst to me and I’m going to cherish it forever. It’s true what they say…the best camera is the one you have on you.

Back to School, Kids!

Well, I’ve got to say that I am not overly impressed with this summer. It was way too cold and it was over way too fast. We put up our pool and had one ~gorgeous~ week of hot, sunny, summer weather. Then that was that. The pool never got above 80 degrees and I never got in again. Of course, I’m a bit of a wimp when it comes to the cold. I’ll admit it. Not my kiddos, though! Despite the rather chilly summer we had this year in Hamilton, the kids were out there every day. Especially the little one. She loves to “Squim”. Loves it! It looks like she will be following in her big sister’s foot-steps and becoming a competitive squimmer soon…she’s already all signed up with a local aquatic club. Middle sister, while also very strong in the pool, is more of an entertainer at heart and she will be in a competitive dance troupe this fall. Which is all just to say there will be lots to do, lots to look forward to, lots to keep busy with and lots to (try to) distract this Mommy from the fact that the day came: Back to School.

…and the start of school for my Little BABY!!

Oh, Lordy-Child.

The first day wasn’t actually too bad because we got to go with her, and she was only there for an hour. But, she isn’t in the same classroom that both her big sisters were in, and she won’t have the same teacher that both her big sisters had (who I love to little bits and pieces. Absolutely the best teacher ever. She had both my girls reading before they finished Kindergarten. Books. Real Books! She is amazing. So kind and thoughtful and…just wonderful. And Some Other School has her now…sigh). But Thursday (or, um, yesterday as I write this now), that is another story. All day. My youngest girl, my last baby, will be gone All DAY.

Did I mention that summer went way too fast?


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